How an idea have turned in a successful scholarship Program?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

How an idea turn in to a Successful Scholarship program in 5 months of time?

During our 4 years of our research period, we saw the big picture of Vietnamese child care model. Where parents are struggling to provide the right care to support their sustainable children health development in Vietnam. So we always wanted to start a project on that based on a 'sustainable idea' for childcare.

Back then, early June 2018, our Childcare Unit successfully crated the micro project, and we pushed that forward toward - Social Development Factory 2018 (Social Shark Tank Việt Nam).

And due to the stunning works of the Childcare Unit, in just 5 months of time, that idea, turn in to successfully scholarship program, and helping Vietnamese medical students by inspiring, empowering and connecting to the community for initiating a better children health in Vietnam.

Recently we had a great discussion with our childcare unit where we shared how we make it happen and how we will inspire ourselves to take this initiatives even more forward to scaling up the project impacts.

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