How are customer personas changing during the pandemic?

What is a customer persona?

A customer persona (also known as a buyer persona) is a semi-fictional archetype that represents the key traits of a large segment of your audience, based on the data you’ve collected from user research and web analytics. It gives you insight into what your prospective customers are thinking and doing as they weigh potential options that address the problem they want to solve.

The pandemic has affected customers’ experience so that this will reshape their perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors. Understanding these changes is key to recognizing and satisfying the new-normal customer.

Emotion awareness

The quarantine has forced many people to spend time with themselves, people were forced to face their thoughts and feelings alone. The loneliness and self-reflection can lead to an increase in anti-depression and anti-anxiety prescriptions during the first stage of COVID-19 according to Fierce Healthcare.

Personal life changes

The coronavirus has enabled us to rediscover our ability to do things we rarely bothered with. From cooking to DIY work at home, the ample available time and the lack of services, combined with the need to keep busy, have forced us to rediscover skills and passions we have not nurtured in a while. We spend more time cooking, doing household work, gardening, reading, watching and relaxing things, or even discovering hobbies and other ways to keep ourselves busy.

Redefine Social behavior and relationship

COVID-19 has forced us to redefine our social interactions. While social closeness is set aside because of social distancing, we have also experienced an explosion of acts of generosity and gratitude that have shed light on how society can unite in times of need and how humans are willing to help each other. After the pandemic, we will seek to reconnect more than ever before. The craving for human engagement with family and friends will refine our social behavior.


The unemployment percentage is increasing. Many consumers will be rethinking their choices of products and brands. They will spend for cheaper alternatives to their favorite choices. Instead of buying whatever brands customers are finding comfort in the trusted and known brands.

Online as a mainstream

There is a multitude of services that hadn’t previously been considered online as a legitimate mainstream now are using popularly online. Especially retail experience, online shopping has proven that it can minimize some of the traditional retail experiences of the past and even create better values.

Enjoy small moments

We have learned to enjoy the simple practices conducted with our smaller nucleus family and friends. There are also some customers who will try to return with big trips and indulgent activities, the majority will probably cherish the small bites of life they experienced during the COVID-19 experience and retain them for a while.

Hygiene and health top of mind

Needless to say, with the massive communication of COVID-19’s risks and the recommended approach to avoiding it, people are experiencing a new era of health concerns and hygiene awareness. Hygiene and health are now likely to be above-the-surface topics. The new-normal customer adapted some new self-care practices and is likely to retain them after the pandemic threat dissipates.

4 Main Customer Personas

Health-Focused and Concerned: Customers are worried about the risk of infection and general cleanliness during the transaction or when on company ground. They are sensitive to perceptions of unsanitary conditions when they visit.

Hopeful but Unconvinced: Customers are generally waiting for an active response to the pandemic from their service providers. They provide a high potential to create promoters if their concerns are addressed satisfactorily.

Satisfied Customers: They see the bright side of the experience, whether online or in-store: this persona appreciates the company’s efforts to provide a safe experience while not adding unnecessarily to the COVID-19 information barrage.

Concerned Customers: They express worry that externalities such as government action and international supply chain disruption will impair their customer experience.


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