How are you suffering at work? Considering changing your job? Then this is for you

Are you suffering in your career? or are you considering changing your career or job? Considering what should be your right career?

Yes! Deciding on a career path is a big difficult decision for me. Parents, and family, always influence that career path. And our traditional educational system always kind of decide who should be in which profession. Yes, I also suffered from this. So I will share with you, what was my suffering and then how I handle that later on in my career.

I was born into a family of doctors. My dad is a doctor and actually, I have around 16+ doctors in my family already. I was the elder son and was getting a high score in school so everyone kind of passively expected I will follow that doctor's track as well. I also went through a peer pressure situation. My father's all colleagues are doctors, and they all had children, and then my all cousins.

Well, peer pressure is good in some sense, but also it could be pretty toxic if that is not handled properly.

I found my high interest in the computer when I first saw that. And then actually I even did not believe that I could be someone even can study well in Computer. I did not know but math was not a super comfort zone, I was getting high scope but it always require my high effort behind that. But in a subject related to biology, Geology it was much easier for me to get a high score. But I also realize that I did not like cramming, So cramming a bunch of poems, was one of the most disgusting experiences I had in my early schooling life.

In early school life, I was highly keen on building things. I made bricks from the mud, and then actually build an entire city alone, which had high-floor buildings, roads, bus stations, bridges, rail stations, etc. In the beginning, they wanted to stop me but soon when they start to see, what I am building, they encouraged me

Keep going on.

About my study, my mom was a super serious person. But dad was not the person who will seat with me but the person who care about the result. My dad recognizes my interest first in engineering. So told me you can do that but you need to become good at that. I was putting effort into math which pushed me to enable what I want to become.

So key points that worked for me:

  • If you are facing confusion about your career path, have some be on your side.

  • If can you win yourself, you can't win anyone

  • If you can't win one, you can't win two. So find a supporter

  • Demonstrate what you can on a smaller scale.

  • Test yourself, but don't be afraid to lose comfort

  • Do extra work or a different job, after your normal working / Study hour

  • Get a short list of key interests and work on them

Bottom line:

Be optimistic, You will pick something at the age of 18 but that is not the final. As even you pursue your career you will need to become a specialist which requires so many types of different skillets which can match your baseline skillset. Example If becoming doctors some so many specialist doctors work on the machine, computers, photos, or even just on the dead body or sales!

If you become an engineer, similar that there are so many different tracks you can go ahead with such as engineering manager, project manager, business analyst, account management, solution architect, etc.

So don't worry, start with an open mind, If you are already working and you hate your job, then not just give up, but think about which other related track can fit you better, rather than completely start a new track from the beginning, and you end up in the same status "I don't like my job" again. It's always easy at the starting point of a new career but way harder to progress that far.

Are you hating your present job? Oki, I will share more about that in my next post.

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