How can I negotiate my salary? | Ask John Show by VSHR Pro Academy

“How much do you want to be paid?”

What is the "standard" and reasonable answer?

This is the most classic interview question and also the most difficult question to answer in a job interview. This is quite easy for inexperienced students, but once we have gone through a number of positions, we have to rethink when answering this question.

1. Find out information about salary level

Before the interview, find out about the salary range for the position you are applying for. This will help you avoid offering “shocking” salaries to employers when asked “what is your desired salary?”. To know the salary level for the position you are applying for, you can find information about salary on job search websites.

2. Know exactly about the minimum wage you want to receive:

Knowing about the lowest salary can help you make ends meet. So decide on the salary you want, what you need for your life, and what makes you ready to stick with the company long-term before going to the interview.

3. Assert yourself

Highlight the reasons you deserve it, document your skills and achievements, and prepare well to present it.

4. When asked about desired salary

The best way is to kick that ball to the employer, you can ask again: "What is the salary you are paying for this position?" or “I want the same salary as employees with the same qualifications as me.” or “What is the average salary for this position?” Another way to avoid having to give a specific salary is to offer a range. Say: “I was thinking about salaries in the range of …”.

5. Don't rush to agree as soon as you receive an offer

Be enthusiastic and excited when you receive a job offer, but ask for at least 24 hours to respond. This gives you time to get away from the initial joy of being selected. If you feel the salary is not satisfactory, express your concern to the employer when asking for more time to consider the offer. You will immediately know if the offered salary cannot or can be changed.


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