We asked over 500 leaders about the art of nurturing a strong sense of teamwork. Their wisdom can help you set up the groundwork for a highly productive team that can communicate, cooperate and create in a working environment of mutual trust and respect.

Having Top Performance Employees Work For You Isn't Enough.

If you ask enough top directors about their leadership approach, you're likely to hear a number of them say, "Just aiming for employing the best people." It's a good response that makes a lot of sense at a certain HR level. Employing the right people is an essential part of forming a solid squad. Of course, delegating to give people more independence is a powerful tool.

But handling a crew full of talent is not that simple. Leaders have to play a far harder mind-game and hands-on role to secure the group's performance and stay focused on the proper preferences.

Create a Clear Map

Leaders owe their groups an answer to the same question that young children often ask their parents before going on a long trip: "Where are we going, and how will we get there?" In other words, what is the objective, and how will we evaluate performance throughout the progress?

The concern often begins when leaders list five or seven or 11 priorities. Determining these preferences level and how they're going to be counted to the common objective is arguably the most critical riddle as a team leader.

Create Your Team's Culture

All families have themselves values, even if they stand alone or don't discuss under an explicitly level. Under the setup of a "family", companies contain specific behaviors that may be encouraging or discouraging for how everyone will get along and spend their time.

As a leader, you can apply the "invisible hand" approach and hope the team meshes well over time. Or you can search and create opportunities to set some shared guidelines for how people will work together.

...And Stick to It

The most crucial element is for the team or company to perform by their stated values, rather than just experience the motions of the exercise, where people acquire promotions even though they disregard their stated rules.

That sounds simple enough, but just as with the art of distilling complex objectives into a clear, win-win, and straightforward approach is often very hard.


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