How can you overcome your depression and have a life energy in life?

Are you having low energy? not motivated? or in depression? Then these 5 bullets, will murder your those problems!

Bullet 1: Make your morning. Don't wait for your morning. What you will do tomorrow morning, plan that today afternoon or latest evening.

Bullet 2: Ask yourself what you truly want in your life NOW. Could be - Promotion, high score, Love, job, money, family, etc. Does not matter! Just answer and write them down on paper, and stick that to your wall next to your bed. Just watch that daily. You will see the magic, every day your mind will automatically start giving you ideas!

Bullet 3: Block your 10 mins every day at a particular time, where you will only do one thing what is a few simple exercises - push up, seat up, star jump. (If you are not familiar with those exercises, just google those words, it will show you how to do them. You don't need any gym membership or expansive shoes or any gear. It is absolutely for free but super effective! I dropped 10 kg weight just by this!

Bullet 4: Avoid lying in every situation and any relationship. It's between you and your family, friends or lover. Lies are like slow poison will just create more toxic in your mentality. Because by doing this, you will also make yourself believe that others are lying to you as well. That is very dangerous and harmful for your mental health.

Bullet 5: Love self-entertainment? If you are watching FB reels and videos, drop that to 15 mins maximum in a day. And start watching self-learning videos, not just motivational but actually, particularly skills. It can be simple things such as - how to manage your time better, or how to maintain hygiene. Very simple but normal things but those are 1000 times more valuable than funny Facebook videos.

Hay so you got those 5 bullets. What are you waiting for, Start shooting from NOW? And do this for 3 weeks, your life will change! Well, you did not pay me anything so not returning you anything but this is will work! JUST DO IT !!! ;)

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