How Colgate Boosted 7.1% Sales by Using Facebook Video Ads

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

First introduced in 1873 - Colgate is known as the world’s most popular toothpaste brand trusted and loved by millions of people around the world. The brand achieved popular success with its launching campaign for Colgate Total toothpaste, which provoked fitness and healthy lifestyles among consumers.

The challenge

With the launch of the new Colgate Total toothpaste, the brand aimed to communicate and promote the idea of a healthy mouth as well as drive sales via a large multimedia campaign.

Strategy & Execution

In 2019, Colgate recognized a high level of interest in health and wellness, particularly in yoga, weight training and physical fitness, across Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, the brand, in partnership with RedFuse agency, took advantage of Facebook Creative Shop to produce videos promoting “whole mouth health” or “mouth fitness”. These videos were illustrated in a split-screen format with the above-half demonstrating dental hygiene while the below-half demonstrating daily health and fitness training activities.

The campaign targeted all potential buyers of Colgate Total, aged 18 and older, showing interest in health and wellness across social media sites. Therefore, ad creative promoting “whole mouth health” or “mouth fitness” were widely published on Facebook and Instagram feed and stories, using various tools such as:

  • Instant Experience - using the full-screen to deliver the brand’s story to life

  • Video Ads - producing engaging ads to capture audience attention

  • Ads in Stories - sharing brand’s story with full-screen ads

  • Core Audiences - filtering the right target audience for the ads.

The results

Within 28 days of launching, Colgate’s multimedia campaign for Colgate Total has achieved impressive success:

  • 7.1% increase in sales of Colgate Total products, in which sales increase driven by new customers account for 39%

  • 12 million people reached

  • 1.8x return on ads for all Colgate products

  • 1.3% increase in sales of other Colgate products



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