How could I spend my last 6 years for social development work for Vietnamese people?

From 2013 to 2016, I was doing the social research on health eco-system. And then I founded Vietnam Social Health Revolution on 2017 and it's moving forward. So Basically everywhere I go, I always receive these questions. Sounds a bit odd but I would like to share with you -

"Why do you stick to a non profit organization for 2 year?"

"How could you do your work and social organization for 6 years?"

"Why you dont stop or reduce VSHR and do something like business?"

"How could you spend your all the weekends for last 5 years of time for VSHR?"

"How can you do your full time job and also contribute like this to VSHR?"
Nobody doing anything for a benefit. why are you doing VSHR which gives you no benefit?

And similar many questions like this pattern. To understand these someone needs go back and understand my philosophy of life. I was talking about it last year on 2018, you can have a look there

Today though this video I will tell you -

Why and How. Because you already know what is VSHR.

This is also my secrete which always help me to motivate myself, recharge my passion, spirit and keep doing on social development initiatives. Let's stay with me and listen please !

Our VSHR culture, please have a look too.

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