How did I get my first entrepreneurship experience at the age of 12?

How to start a business? How to become an entrepreneur?

This is like a million-dollar question, and millions of people are wishing to become an entrepreneur. Oki, so today I will tell you about my first business which I created in my life, how did I do that and what did I learn from that?

Back then I was in grade 5, a little boy. The only focus was for me to build a career so was the only focus I can I stay top of my class merit list. I saw my classmates and friends have a big hobby to collect different international postal tickets and they are looking for more postal tickets. Back at that time posting letters by post was the main media of communication. If you are below 20 now and reading this, must be said - "are you kidding". No! that is the truth! Even international calls were so expensive that, I had only 30 seconds time to say anything to my international relatives!

Then it triggered me to have a hobby like them. When I looked back what resources do I have at home? Then I found an interesting thing in myself. I found there is a huge pile of letters all my international relatives wrote back to my family. Those letters are kept in different places around the home. So I start taking the postal tickets from those envelopes and I got around 15-20 country postal tickets! Then I start trading with my classmate, and friends.

Even after 6 months, I did trade with someone I never met before by postal letter. Interesting, We even put money and a ticket inside the postal letter! I walked or rode 6 - 12 km far from home just to make a trade happen. Handled mom as there is a stranger gang of boys at the door to make a trade. Even some days I commit to studying in the afternoon to skip my sports time, to have time in the evening to go out for a trade. Around 3 years there I raised around 100 countries' tickets and then I sold them all. I thought that was the right time for me because there was a scholarship exam coming, and my passion is getting fade as well, and I reached that three-digit number already. Was that a mistake? I think it was not a mistake.

So here are some lession learned and key takeaways that I can bullet for you:

  • Strongly Focus on the Need & Demand!

  • Strongly Focus on the resources you have!

  • Start with the passion but build a model!

  • Find a new way of doing things, it's called entrepreneurship!

  • You need to have your exit plan or at least a handover plan. Because if you don't your business will exit you!

  • Start early, so you have time.

So are you aiming to become an entrepreneur?

It's oki to read to get motivated but rather than thinking and reading all the huge success stories focus on what you can solve and use those above key takeaways. Entreperurnship is great because it's an amazing opportunity for personal development.

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