How do I see, understand, and handle depression in my life?

Feeling lost or finding no way to move forward. Should we call that depression? This is a common issue among many people. I also struggled with that as well in several phases of my life.

I found that gray spot when dropping out of my Ph.D. Study. Because before that only thing, I was thinking about having the Ph.D. done and all my life after the job life was thinking about the research I was doing, which will lead me to do the Ph.D. Then when I started the research in the social, health, and education field, I felt lost at the beginning. No supervision, no fund, and lack of expertise to do such type of mass research.

I found that lost space in 2016 when I felt what will be the outcome of my research which I was doing for last almost 5 years. I was afraid probably think bigger that time.

I found myself again in that spot in 2020 and this time my passion got a big hit. I found those days pretty much challenging in focusing, and I think ncov19 was a big factor in that too.

The way it sounds like getting lost is a normal thing. In our life we have to go through that, but how fast we can get out matters most. So get out fast, these are the things my lession learn about how I can avoid the future lost feelings

See as a cycle: I realize this works like a cycle. When so everyone is heading to a lost feeling, in the lost feeling, or getting out of the lost feeling. Understanding which phase I am in now is very important.

Deep interest: This feeling is a special power to trap us inside that for a long time. So really need to program that I want to get out of that feeling. Then use that as fuel to take related actions. Most people can't do the 2nd part. I know it's hard, been there.

The fear inside: One of the deep rooting reasons for that lost feeling is a fear of losing something, not being able to become something, etc. The goal is to kill that fear as soon as possible.

Not seeing the things: This is a common problem. We believe something is right now. But actually, no guarantee is that this is right. Because that thinking and belief directly relate to our knowledge level. So often I can make myself right, but the truth is completely different. Such a fool game right? haha, It pissed me off several times!

Setup wrong goals: Very common core reason for that feeling. As a human, we often set goals, based on our emotions. On this, I respond fast and adjust my goals. Oh god, many many goals I had to throw away, even after I achieve that already. Such a waste right?

Distraction matters: Oh external factors have a huge impact to create that feeling. So I always pay attention to avoid such external factors. nCov19 was unavoidable thought.

Today matters most: I was a person who was living most of the time in the future. That is good in any sense. but I have learned that after all, the thing I have is "NOW". So enjoying that matter the most.

You are definitely in one of the phases. You are welcome to use those mental models to keep yourself inside the "lost feeling" phase shortest period. The key was always avoiding - Greed. Stay happy, and healthy, and enjoy your "Now". But don't ignore the future Cheers!

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