How Do Subscription-based Recruitment Solution Save your Budget?

Here are 7 scenarios when you should be selecting a subscription-based recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to save more cost and most importantly, receive the right value of your investment in talent acquisition, which is, to have the right talent!

1/ Recruitment in bulk

Are you recruiting a lot of people at the same time for your team? With RPO solution, you can bring up all of them as a bundle and discuss with the Business Consultant Manager at VSHR Pro Academy, who will help you to close a fixed deal with all positions to the best of our abilities.

2/ A new start-up

Being a new start-up, it's tough to have access to the pool of talent out there. Outsourcing talents may be the right decision now with the limited amount of time for a newly established start-up. Save your time, cost, and effort with recruitment outsourcing, and get your business ready by onboarding the right talent every time you need.

3/ New office expansion/New business unit

Consider a scenario when you decide to open up a new office and need a new level of expertise/professionalism to join, or when you decide to expand your hiring unit and need talents as fast as possible. With a subscription-based RPO solution, you will be able to have a hiring plan - onboarding employees per monthly. Imagine having the whole team ready for you in just a short period of time, and not having to pay a ridiculously significant amount. A win-win.

4/ Reopening business

In this time of Covid-19, your business model may change, and you may later want to reopen and hire someone with a specific skills set. Multiple roadmaps of talent acquisition, in this case, can be consulted by our Business Consultant, which helps to fill all of your current positions. Every month you pay a fixed amount of fee, and acquire a flexible number of talents.

5/ Business group

In any cases you are a corporation, and there are a lot of businesses under you, an RPO solution would be a perfect fit. If you sign up for a subscription based RPO, you will be able to place the talent into businesses inside your group. It saves cost because you are using it for the whole group rather than signing contract for different levels 1st: progressive 2nd: much cheaper than case by case headcount hiring

6/ High turnover rate

Having a high turnover rate (20% for example) is alarming. However, with a subscription-based RPO solution, you can onboard the right candidate continuously to your team. We bring talents automatically to replace the vacancies, ensuring that you are never running out of talent. Your business never gets stopped, and your budget gets saved.

7/ Our consultant team

There are countless number of processes of talent acquisition or planning talent acquisition roadmap, and what you need is a a proper recruitment consultant to help you out.

If you have a great in-house team, you can always bring your struggles and concerns up to us, our business consultant team will review, give feedback & suggest you with the market insights, key recruitment trends, etc.

In case you don't own an internal recruitment team, our team will work closely with you to build the roadmap and sign up the solution in a subscription manner.

Helping your company moving forward and achieve bigger goals is our ultimate goal, and we look forward to transforming your recruitment process, making it easier, more affordable, and more efficient.


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