How first love turns into career!

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Can you see that "love"?

Do you believe that love can become career? Well, it’s true! In this story, we will tell the surprising story about how John Masud Parvez – Founder & President of Vietnam Social Health Revolution makes his “first love” become his career!

Love at first sight with that “special one”

John said: Back to the time, when I was three or four years old that I fell in love, and that love last until now. (smile, haha)

Uh oh, is it too young for first love when you were just a kid?

Trust me, it is not what you are thinking (haha). Ya, my first love were the first computer that I saw in my life. I remember that because I was too small so my family did not let me touch that “special” thing. So, I always curious and all my wishes then were to get close and know about that amazing device. And then I did. When I start to learn how to use computer, I completely attached and knew that I found my true love, not only interest.

Whoa, sound interesting that your first love were a computer, so how things gone, is it a long-term relationship with happy ending?

Sure, we even get married (laughing, haha).

When I choose major at university, I was a bit confused about computer science and engineering. I mean everyone may feel the same as it’s not easy to pick your “future career”. Then, in my country then, computer science was not a “hot trend” that so many people recommended me to choose engineering.

However, after listening to some advises and considering what I love to do in my life, I decided to go ahead with computer science. And that’s was one of my best decisions so far.

Computer - the special "first love"

Career is not only "a job"!

John shared that thanks to the love of computer science that he always has the motivation for researching and learning about technology which help him success in both career and other life goals.

So exactly, how can the love of computer support you with success in career?

For working with love, of course! I have been working with my love so that help me feel like have more energy and inspiration to overcome challenges. And every time, if there is a signal of stress or burn out, I will remind myself about the meaning of working with love. Then it’s not always about responsibility any more, but it comes to the “happy task” to achieve.

I also know it’s easy to say and hard to do, yes, for sure. However, instead of making it hard to breathe then why don’t we just think about it as a thing that makes our achievement be more meaningful?

And the most important thing is, to me, career is not just about “job”. It’s not all about money or power but about the final thing that you want to reach in your life. So, together with the position that I am working for my company as Group IT Director at Hoan My Corporation, I am proud to be with my team, at Vietnam Social Health Revolution - VSHR to create more positive impacts for community.

Sometimes, when I look back, I recognized it was computer science that support me with VSHR websites, code, AI chat bot for VSHR fanpages, … and other things that VSHR need to be successful operate and sustainable exist.

IT Summit at Hoan My

Seem like you are a very happy with your endless love now, any secret that you want to share with others, especially the youth?

Definitely! I think the secret to stay in love and make your love last forever is about belief. Yes! You have to believe in it and try your best! Maybe, test that love with some new challenges is a good way, too! I always challenge myself by keep learning and updating news thing in technology and other related fields. That will refresh you love and make it new but never old. That’s is what I am doing with VSHR right now, I create and try and test so many programs and projects so that me and my team will not get bored, because we always have new things about to come up and we have different things to expect. At this time, we are having the Genius Upskills Program Graduation Ceremony then the Gala of Vietnam Amazing Student Contest.

And for the youth! I think the key is to be find your “love”, that can be a passion, interest or hobby that you enjoy. After a while, if you practice, chase it and feel that it is a right way then congratulation, you got the treasure. In the other hand, if you are still unsure and don’t know where to start, then the best way is keep trying and take more chances to experience more things. Or, you guys can apply to join VSHR and work with us for a while; maybe we can support you with that journey (haha)!

As nothing worth is easy to get and ya, there will be some up and down moment, however, let’s patient and never give up. Hope you find that “special one” soon!

This is the second story about John – Founder and President of VSHR. We already know about his FATE in Vietnam and his First Love - Career. So, what’s next in the upcoming articles? Let’s stay tune as articles are coming soon!

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