How Future Leadership Program of VSHR Pro Academy Take your career toward next level

This course is not focusing on specific industry, we focus on building skill-set that a professionals must have to accelerate their career to management level. Those are concrete foundation and knowledge for every leader/manager, which is same as a MBA course would attract professionals who are from different background to build their personal development and step up to the next career level.

A job always make you expert what you need, but never train the work of your manager. So this program is where you will have an opportunity to sharpen your project management, time management, human management, branding management, critical thinking and industry networking skills.

However, our Program is significantly more practical than an MBA program. During a MBA program you will pay around 10,000 USD to 40,000 USD for all demo project. But on this program, you will create your own team with your classmates, recruit interns. Your 8 workshops will be your brain boosting session with C Suit/Director level trainers. And then next 2 weeks, you will perform that knowledge to build your real life project. Following workshop you will show you program, get positive and negative feedback to improve yourself. Get the new does of brain boosting knowledge from trainers and keep moving forward. So after 6 months you will have your own project ready. It’s exactly like build muscles in the Gym, not just reading book or watching motivational video.

Example: You want to become a brand a manager. So on workshop 1, you will pick your product (you can pick the product), and recruit your team members, and next 6 months, you will build up your brand for that product which you picked. If you don’t have product, we will provide you a product. So after 6 months you have your product, and come to job interview and show the interviewers, what brand you build, and how did you do that. It will lead you to a job offer.

To particular, these are the aspect this program will build you

  • Coaching Hour

  • Teaching Method

  • 24 /7 Access to C Suit / Director level Mentors

  • Community of learners

  • Learning space workshop Experience

  • Assignment work

  • Accessories

  • Certification

  • Graduation Ceremony

  • Interview Coaching

  • Job Placement

Total value of the course is 250 M VND.

Now due to ncov19 we are providing this course almost free with really high scholarship as we want to support different professionals. But we expect these professionals will bring us value back for developing this program, and our academy as well. We believe in relationship. This high scholarship % will be significantly reduced on the next intake, so it’s a great opportunity for the professionals.

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