How FutureLeadership Program is building me for my Future management role?

Our trainers strongly believe that our trainee's future career success is the top priority and to enable them to achieve their potential. To make that happen, we combine two things together

1. The practical experience of the trainers. Our all trainers are practitioners coming with a background of C suite/ Director / Senior Manager roles.

2. Learning experience of the trainees: In our VSHR Pro Academy we have a unique learning experience model which turns the different great experiences of the trainers into very easily understandable material and practical exercises. So our trainees can easily consume them and turn them into their skills.

In this video, one of the Future leadership program trainees shares his learning experience. Our Future Leadership program equips young professionals with the required management/leadership skillset to turn them into great future managers.

We developed this program through our 3-year different research and pilot initiatives. To know more about the program, pls visit click here

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