How humor enhances healthcare & pharmaceutical communication

For patients, humor helps take their minds off the suffering. For Healthcare providers (HCPs), humor is a doorway to create a deeper connection with patients. Humour can be a great asset for brands for creating differentiation and positive association with both the patients and the HCPs.

There are some reasons why brands should keep an eye on humor-based healthcare communication:

Humour is a powerful emotion

It can greatly benefit health & pharma communication. It can solve many communication challenges, and at the same time bring smiles to everyone's faces. And laughing makes everyone feel better. There are actually scientific studies that demonstrate the health benefits related to laughter. These studies show that laughter can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve alertness, creativity, and memory. People naturally gravitate toward those things that make them feel better so humor is a definite factor that should be used in healthcare & pharmaceutical communication.

Humor helps create deep connections

Healthcare topics are personal. Sometimes there is resistance when talking or speaking about some subjects. Using humor helps create a pleasant atmosphere in situations like these, and also creates empathy in some way. On the other hand, humor is a significant tool to grab attention for uncommon subjects, reduce fear and rejection when it comes to diseases like cancer. Humor can bring benefits but be sure to use humor appropriately. Use humor in an intellectual way as well - to make your audience think and laugh at the same time by telling a story to demonstrate your point.

A funny story can be better remembered

Healthcare and pharma communications usually show a solution to a problem by relying on fear most of the time to highlight the problem. However, sometimes this approach is less attractive and creates a feeling of heaviness, and may put consumers off. Talking about the subject in a lighter vein helps stand out of the clutter, alleviates the fear, and lowers people's psychological defenses making them more receptive to the message.

Create a connection with your audience and provide a quality experience that makes them laugh and they will remember you. Even if they don't remember everything you try to message, they will remember they have something exciting to care about. They will come back for more and will be more likely to share what they heard with others. Maybe that helps create a viral effect. Of course, humor doesn't always work but brands should consider using this element at some point.




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