How important is 'Sense of Responsibility' for career success to John Masud Parvez?

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Sense of responsibility most matters because this is something which make people self motivated, self starter, and thing I have learnt in my life is if you cant motivate yourself then no one can do it. Yes someone can make you high for a while but then it will be a very fast pitfall down. So here the sense of responsibility is the key!

Anything we want to do in our life, how critical is that 'sense of responsibility', I have learnt that from my life and though this article I will also share you what I have learnt, how is that also helped me. So let's start.

In my professional life from the day one of my career life, I gave my work as the top priority of my life. It's NOT about I wanted to priority of my work because I really needed job. Actually I am very fortunate to born in a family where everything is solved. My dad is a doctor and I clearly that if I just back home, be with them, look after the family property, they will be happiest person of the world. Why ? because they will have their son with them, take care of them..

So now question is why did I prioritized my work like that even though I never actually had a problem with money? The answer is there - Sense of responsibility. Every time I joined a company, company gave me a position/role. First my own sense of responsibility always reminded me to 'do things which is right' and always it also inspired myself to do my own tasks which the best possible result. Basically I was not working for money but I was working to be part of success, positive result or even failure to learn from that too. So that's why I could easily prioritized my work over my personal things. It sounds crazy but I canceled constantly 3 weeks to see dentist, regularly canceled my personal travel plans etc. My company or even my boss never wanted me to do, actually if they would know this I am sure they would be upset. But why did I do so? simple answer that - sense of responsibility. What is the result of that ? The result is I could be the youngest senior manager for a well reputed Australian University and then now I could be the Vietnam's youngest Chief Information Officer (GITD/ CIO) among all Vietnamese enterprises which have 2500+ employees.

(NB:Well, I will not recommend you that to be that extreme but every success requires sacrifice, a lot of sacrifice)

This is not just limited to my career or professional life but I also embedded this in to every pieces of my life. Let's pick the social development life. Recently one of the members of Vietnam Social Health Revolution was asking me about having a meeting with me on a weekend. So then I requested her to use the "Meetinghelp" shortcut in our online work space and pick the available slot to discuss that topic.

She did that and then she saw my schedule on above picture, which is almost 2 days prior to the weekend, and then told me about my weekend

well, uhm
really full,
your weekend

Well this is nothing like I want to show how busy I am or something like that. Purpose of this I organize my time in best possible way so I will be able to make the best use of my time on weekend to help VSHR members.

I am founder of VSHR, but I also always believe it's my duty to give the vision, direction and support the team members, so they all can be successful. I don't see that as a position or power but I see it as responsibility or duty of mine.

Why do I think and do this way?

Because of my sense of responsibility.

You are a professional or student joining a contest like Vietnam's Amazing Student, VSHR member or who ever, Let's try this for 30 days only then I guarantee you, after that you will see a difference. One last suggestion,

Never work for a company because you need money. But work to learn, put love at work, do things to create/to be a part of the success stories. Then you will see, you never need to worry about money because it will always follow you.

Oh if you want to practice this with me? Join VSHR

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