How my 'determination' skill made me successful to lose 30 KG weight?

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Everyone wants to lose weight, Everyone wants to have a good shape. Among those everyone, there are some of them finally decided to do something to lose the weight. So here is the first step of transformation a wish to a smaller action.

But losing weight is a not a one day activity but it's a series of activities and those needs to done consistently for months to gain the result. And also the mission is not done, but next mission starts which is to maintain that weight, shape. It's 2011, trust me the guy in the photo it's me.

For me let's start how did I start my weight and shape transformation and why. My father has hypertension since early age. I cant remember a day when I never saw him taking the medication for that disease. You know there is not cure of hypertension, always the regular medication to maintain that. Then my mom also got diabetes. That was a night I was reading an online journal and which kind of calculated that in the age 30, I will certainly get one of those two diseases. One disease taking medication for rest of the life, another one taking drugs rest of the life and also not let to eat as well! I was certainly pissed to get that result from that online journal's calculator.

I remember, that night it was really hot and I fall sleep while watching the TV. When I woke up in the morning, I saw there is a TV show running. It was a fitness show a bunch of guys doing exercise and are all in good shape! After I seeing that for few minutes I decided - I want to be in shape like them!

I took that decision and start taking action. I was finding my all unhealthy habits to remove them from my life, doing different type of exercises, maintaining right nutrition. It's not just one day, not just one week, not just one month but I was doing it constantly month after months. I could only do that because I was determined that I want to be in shape.

If you are thinking you will eat whatever you want, sleep whatever you do, and then go to gym on the weekend and you will be in shape. Then that is the main thing not letting you being or become in shape. I transformed my whole life routine, and to be honest it was not easy for me too. All the different temptation of drinks, sugar, cake, chase was always there, but I put my willing power to say no them by using my determination.

Now I will tell you the trick which I follow to kill any of my bad habit. My trick is wherever I face any unhealthy food, If I think if I eat I surrender, means I will lose. So I will give away that unhealthy food, and then enjoy the pleasure of winning over my bad temptation!

Though by using my this determination skill I reduced 2 KG weight constantly for 12 months and total 24 KG of weight! Then, I also made detail plan who I will stay in my shape and sustain my this shape. And I used my determination power to stick to that. In last 5 years time, I did not gain anymore weight, but using my pain I actually reduced even 6 more KG fat. So now what you see in this photo, it's me after reducing 30 KG weight.

I used this determination power to my other things in my life, career and also social development. So I learnt from my life after being in Social development for 6 years. If you have a passion you may survive for few months, but if you want to make it your life, you need to create an incredible passion by using your determination power.

So wanna lose weight? Your first mission - "Learn how to be determined!"

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