How Neutrogena Used Digital Consumer Psychology to Drive In-store Sales

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

It goes without saying that a thorough understanding of customer behaviour can help brands generate big differences in sales. Neutrogena - a famous drugstore beauty brand owned by Johnson & Johnson has successfully boosted its in-store sales by taking advantage of historic shopping basket data to generate relevant product pairings.

The challenge

Neutrogena was well aware of the fact that 75% of customers were purchasing products from just one segment. Thus, the brand wanted to know whether it can make changes to drive more sales of existing customers and acquire more potential customers who were non-Neutrogena users.

Strategy & Execution

Partnering with agency UM J3 and Cataline, Neutrogena took a deep dive into shopping basket data to identify what products, within their own range, that customers are purchasing from competitors. Besides, the brand has compared different shopping baskets of customers and come up with a list of potential customers whose baskets bear resemblance to those of loyal customers.

Based on insights from consumer data, Neutrogena generated various product pairings that perfectly reflected customer purchasing habits and satisfied usage needs. For example, once customers bought mascara, banner advertisements or videos displaying makeup remover or facial cleanser along with digital coupons would appear as a pairing to that mascara. This aimed to encourage sales among both loyal and potential customers.

The results

The campaign has produced some impressive results, including:

  • 289% exceeded in the benchmarks

  • 83 million impressions

  • 18.1 million customers reached

  • £5.84 return on advertising spending (ROAS)

In general, the campaign was considered as an effective combination of shopping basket data insights, creative design and media buying and planning. Neutrogena has successfully met its initial objectives to increase customer awareness of the brand and product line, then increase sales from loyal customers as well as acquire more potential customers.





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