How to Build a Great Sales Team?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

In the “Why Workforce Transformation?” workshop, Mr. John Masud Parvez - Founder of Vietnam Social Health Revolution and ​Mr. Pedro Vilaca - Vice President (VP) & Consultant of VSHR Advisory Services gave many questions to the audiences.

One of the questions is I have a team of 30 in my sales office. What will be your best use for me to start the morning off at the office? Because I hear that a lot of gurus say that I'm starting the morning is a really great way of starting your morning. So what are the tips to start me off every morning?

Before Mr. Pedro answered this question, he rephrased it that What can you do to motivate them when they are there? He totally agreed with the audience that everyone should be absolutely together during the week. Maybe you can schedule two hours to discuss comments or even have lunch together. This is important, but not every morning. So this means that everyone should be excited about work, they should be close to customers but not together. As a resume, Pedro suggested: “Maybe you ask them to be together where you really show or share what you will do in the week... You can create a nice environment. Maybe you can even be together, have a coffee together, lunch together, create a kind of routine... The resume of the activities also to share if the week was great or not so great. We have these achievements or not and also to discuss a little bit more and know what we want to do next week. So probably my suggestion is just to close the topic. Yes, you should have some moments together. Yes, you should create some excitement. You should definitely create a team spirit. But don't force them to be every day.”.

Then, Mr. John supplemented his ideas that they should combine the top ten best-sellers of the business to ask them what are the key things they do in the morning. After that, “You're going to have to do smatterings and then you can basically map all of them how to start and how they want to do so that it makes them the best seller. And then you can consolidate that, a checklist which you can train the rest of the other team, the other thirty people…” - John said.

At the end of the discussion, Pedro recommended a tip to approach customers that they are fresher in the morning than in the afternoon because they have to work all day. So after working, they feel exhausted and they don’t want to listen to anything. As a result, the morning is the best time if you want to sell your products.

During the workshop, Pedro and John shared valuable knowledge about workforce transformation. If you want to get more information about this topic, please watch this video:

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