"How to build up a right product? - The Entrepreneur Workbook" Workshop at NZTE

Few days back, I (John Masud Parvez) was speaking to a group to New Zealander Entrepreneurs at NZTE (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise) office. There were young and also very experienced entrepreneur and their success, growth can add an amazing momentum for the NZ economics. So I was interested to be there to give them a right purpose and director for the future product development.

There were a group of entrepreneurs who are building tech product for story telling. So up on their request, I share the story, how my first love in my life played so critical to become the person who I am today.

Fortunately or unfortunately the first love of my life was not girl. Was not man either. The first love of my life was computer.

After falling in that love how I went to school everyday for the purpose to build up the knowledge to become eligible for that program even though my whole family members are doctors. Including my dad, we have total 16 doctors in my family now.

The NZ entrepreneurs were there to understand the Vietnam and how they can work well with Vietnam. For that this is so critical for them to understand the root of the country and how the tech industry evolved in Vietnam. I am seeing this evolution of Tech industry in Vietnam for last 8 years and I shared to them, so entrepreneurs group can understand what happened before and what is happening now.

As they were all entrepreneurs and striving forward for success. So on this I shared them my "Entrepreneur workbook". This workbook has the total 8 steps which are great hand rails and director for entrepreneurs to ensure they product is developed in right direction.

But I also don't want to make you miss that, so soon I am going to do webinar on this workbook as well. Let's sign up for my Webinars serise, there I will go though with you with examples, with explanation of each of those steps. Let's sign up !


The last part of my speech was about a - Ultimate tips to become successful in anything. This always worked for me, so I share to all the entrepreneurs and I strongly believe that will work for them as well. The Tip is here

Regards with Love

John Masud Parvez

Founder and President of VSHR

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