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When a person's personality is not suitable for the position and nature of his or her work, they will feel unhappy and difficult to sublimate or achieve the highest results at work.

If you are a stable introvert, you should not choose a career that requires frequent interaction with people but should choose: Research, Creative, Design, Prototyping

If you're a steady extrovert, the right jobs for you are those that require frequent communication: Business Celebrity Tour Guide

So what is your personality and are you really suitable for the chosen profession?

1. Openness

It is related to the individual's imagination, curiosity and intelligence. People with a high degree of openness are often tolerant, creative, and comfortable with abstract ideas. They prefer change and variety to familiarity and stability.

2. Conscientiousness

It is related to the individual's level of persistence, dependability, productivity, and organizational ability. People with a high degree of commitment tend to work hard and always aim to achieve in life.

In favor of professions that require high discipline such as: start-up, teacher, coach, chef, painter/artist in general, engineer.

3. Extraversion

Associated with social enjoyment and positive effects. If you are a person with a high degree of extroversion, you are usually assertive, optimistic, and persuasive.

4. Agreeableness

Related to decency, kindness and personal sensitivity. People with high agreeableness are often honest, trustworthy, kind-hearted, considerate, and caring. Suitable for professions such as: medicine, psychologist, teacher,

5. Neuroticism

This personality trait is related to the individual's ability to handle and control negative emotions. People with high levels of neuroticism are often moody, anxious, and prone to emotional distress.

1. If you have a high level of Openness and a low level of Extroversion, you may be suitable for a job as a scientist or researcher. Because those careers need creativity, thinking outside the available framework, intelligence and ability to solve problems.

In addition, they need more time working alone or in small groups - traits that are more suitable for introverts.

2. If you have a high level of Openness and a high level of Extroversion, then you may be suitable for the position of a startup or business person - a career that requires assertiveness, sharpness, ability to trade. quality, persuasion and wide communication to sell their products.

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