How to Crush a Job Interview?

You probably don't want to miss the opportunity to be the most suitable candidate just because of some small glitches. And that's the reason why it is so important to meticulously prepare for a job interview. Here we provide 10 exclusive tips to help you get going and grab the job. Check it out!

1/ Do your research

Let’s say you got an interview call for a scholarship program, now do research about which organization is giving you the scholarship. Or, if you get an interview invitation for a club, do research about the club activities.

The thing is, when you do research, it gives you more understanding about the organization. You get a broad sense of it, which is the key thing to boost your confidence later in the interview. When you can really speak out the information, you look more legit, mature, and become a well-suited candidate.

2/ Plan to present what you are going to do after getting that position

A question interviewers usually ask is to describe what you are going to look like after one year or later in the job. It is important for you to talk about futuristic points, since the interviewer can understand how compatible you are, and how experienced you are for a particular role.

3/ Review the top 100 interview questions

Google around top 100 commonly practiced interview questions. It's the basic, the ground thing, and we all know that it has been repeated thousands of times. Yet it remains one of the very crucial preparation steps for a job interview. Research commonly asked questions, and provide answers accordingly helps you get mentally prepared for the interview.

4/ Why do you think you are suitable for this job?

Come up with at least two reasons why you are outstanding. It can be either your expertise, background, experience, personality, or you can blend all of the criteria together.

A note here is to key points inside your head, do not memorize it.

5/ Try to keep your answer standard and to the point

When you answer any part of the question, talk about how you plan to do the task, and relate it to your previous experience, then give a small example. Be specific and to the point.

In case you don't have a particular experience, you may resort to "I think". Actually, “I think” is a dangerous way of expression because who knows, it may not be the right answer. You have got to be very clear and make sure that you’re saying something correct.

6/ Come up with the materials

If you have been working in a marketing department in public relations, you have probably built some great projects, come up with one of them. Having materials shows that you are well prepared and ready for the position.

Also, come up with your own set of questions which you would like to ask the interviewer. Pick the questions carefully. You can ask about something you can't find out, about strategy stuff, career path, or the culture of the organization.

7/ Dress like a pro

Do not dress up with a T-shirt and shorts. Wear proper clothes. Remember, it's always better being overdressed rather than underdressed. Dressing properly shows your professionalism, dedication and willingness to be a part of the company.

If you don't know what kind of dress code the company has, a simple suit or white shirt with a skirt would help.

8/ Introduce yourself

One of the questions that are always being asked. There is a 99% chance that it would be your very first question. Thus, prepare your description within the span of two or three minutes. Keep it short, clear, and interesting. Show a little bit about you, what things you have achieved, and what things you want to do. The way you answer can trigger some additional questions, so be careful not to tell any lies. You are you, and we want to hire you because of your own edge of expertise, not anyone else's.

9/ Practice makes perfect

You should be using all of your practice sessions. Take any time off to practice answering questions that may be asked, so that in the interview you can be more comfortable expressing yourself.

10/ Shake hands

After finishing the interview, come in and shake hands with the interviewers. It shows that you are really connecting with the person and that you are completely ready for the job.

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