How to Cultivate an Effective Teamwork Culture?

Updated: May 30, 2021

Cultivating strong collaborative skills is useful for any company in any industry. Here at VSHR, teamwork is one of the core values that we focus on to build sustainable growth.

We understand that teamwork is crucial for our clients as well, and from this perspective, we would like to share some recommendations on cultivating an effective teamwork culture for a successful organization. Hope this helps you!

1/ Be proactive

A team is not a team anymore if an individual sees it as a one-person game. Look for ways to share your unique thoughts and ideas to the team, let others comment on your ideas, or build on others' ideas to enhance the overall performance. If you solely focus on doing your part, and not speak up for something that doesn't sit right with you, you're simply not a part of the team.

2/ Offer freedom

It may seem blatant, but people all crave independence to a certain extent. Being in a team is not about working with team members 24/24. A certain level of freedom is, according to researches, what makes employees happier, and more productive. In particular, when assigned a task, teams should be free to decide what approach they should take, and how they will develop solutions to the problem. Independence is, in its essence, a form of trust: you trust your employees to do whatever they deem right, and they repay that trust with excellent work.

3/ Offer challenges

Challenges are what drive employees out of bed every morning. A joking saying, but it holds true in most cases. It's the feeling of accomplishment that drives people ahead. It's also the feeling of being appreciated and trusted to tackle difficulties that makes employees devote themselves to the team. Ultimately, "Creative people work for the love of a challenge" - as researcher Richard Florida and SAS CEO Jim Goodnight stated in Harvard Business Review.

4/ Celebrate with the team

A team works together, and celebrates together for every milestone that they achieve. Take your time to say even a small "thank you" to your teammates for their hard work. For bigger achievements, remember to spend time for celebration. Why? Celebrations, in fact, connect people just as working together does.


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