How to Deal With a Difficult (or Angry) Customer - TRAINING 4.0 BY VSHR PRO ACADEMY

Crossed gestures, heavy sighs, and angry replies are some of the biological signs customers display when they're failing interest in you. Often, demanding or even angry customers aren't expressing frustration with you. These emotions are tied to outer conditions and psychological triggers.

So, put your excellent communication skills to work, draw on your superpower of reading the case, and use these psychological practices for handling demanding customers to save not just your but the customer's day.

Practice reflective listening.

Unless you've adequately understood their opinion, practice saying, "Tell me more, so I can better understand." Never promise you'll fix the problem — because you may not be able to. Your purpose at this point is to make your customer feel heard and valued.

Let go of fear.

Fear of a negative result causes many of our responses. Commonly, fear makes us want to control things. If a client is demanding, there is a fear of challenging them and hurting the relationship. If a customer expresses dissatisfaction with your timeline or pricing structure, the fear is we might not be able to resolve the problem.

First, let's go through the idea that you require to fix. When sitting down with the customer, your job is to listen, comprehend, and determine the following steps, not immediately come up with a solution.

Tap into the beginner's mind.

The beginner's mind is the method of approaching every circumstance as if you were a beginner. When you adopt this "don't know" mind, you keep yourself from prejudging a client or their status.

It also encourages you to avoid approaching them without "shoulds.":

  • The client should have already known they wouldn't have a budget until next quarter.

  • The client should have already read my email about their discount end.

  • The client should not have thought I would be available for the following weekly consultations.

In short, negotiating with angry customers can be challenging, but angry, demanding, or hard to satisfy customers is beneficial to your company's success by delivering opportunities to improve your company.


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