How to decide who to keep and how to fire?

Knowing who to hire and who to keep are two very important skills to learn. It goes without saying that hiring people does cost a lot of money, which is why you must know what they can bring to the table and if their skill set will benefit your team/company further. In some unfortunate cases, firing people can cause money too. This is one of many reasons why it is important as an employer to learn who to keep and who to fire.

  1. Looking at their performance and skills

When hiring or firing people, one needs to be very thorough. When hiring someone to be part of your team, you want to be confident when making that decision. You want to make sure that they will be an asset to your team. That their education and expertise will fill the gap in your companies. You want to make sure that the time, money, and effort training them and honing them to become professional will not go to waste and will truly benefit your team/company. It is the same thing when firing people. When firing people, one cannot be impulsive. You need to be impartial and not take it personally. One needs to consider if the person is doing more harm than good to the values, reputation and goals of your team. Both decisions are huge and extremely intricate which is why looking at their performance cannot be enough to evaluate the pros and cons of letting go and hiring people. One needs to carefully consider not just their performance but also their skills and personality. From time to time, everyone can have a bad time, they might not be able to perform how you want them to. For this reason, you also need to evaluate their skill and their characteristics and ways you can help them to have an optimal performance. When firing or hiring people, one needs to take their time to carefully consider every aspect because a decision that is not based on facts can be detrimental not only to the individual but also the company/team itself.

  1. Communication

Hiring or firing people is not an easy process, nor a fast one. Meticulous revision and consideration is needed for proper execution. This is the reason why companies/employers do interviews. They are hoping that they can get to know the person more before they can make a decision. They want to see if the person’s experience, personality and morale align with the goals of the company and if they will be able to benefit from letting someone in. Some companies really want to be thorough. For this reason, they hold a second interview or even a third one to make sure that they are absolutely clear before they make a decision. Likewise, a conversation and clear and professional communication is much needed when firing someone. Communicating with your employee about their performance is really important. It is also important that you give them warning and advice before rushing into any major decision. Sometimes, a conversation with an employee can change everything. Therefore, employers should communicate to their team about their needs and expectations so everyone are on the same page.



How to decide who to keep and how to fire?

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