How to define a strategy leading to right approach and create improvement though sustainability?

On 2nd August 2019 I (John Masud Parvez) was running a workshop for Management team of Malaysian Hospital group, Bangkok University Hospital at Sanctuary resort Singapore. The topic of the workshop to design a strategy for digital first Omni-channel patient engagement program.

During the workshop, I was focusing to the attendees about the power to digital technology and how it needs to be utilized, controlled and ensure it's progressing toward the right directions.


Every initiatives we take there in the strategy phase, these are some key factors we should always focus to ensure we get the positive impact from that. I explained the following factors in term of defining the strategy

  • Approach

  • Sustainability

  • Focus

Why do we need to do omni-channel?

When it comes t omni-channel engagement toward customer, according to the oracle's one Voice program this has a huge impact on their customer retention. Simply this stat can show how much it can impact the customer expectation, engagement -

  • With Omini channel Retain 89% Customer

  • Without Onmi channel retain 33% Customer

Road map:

Then we also talked about the evolution of the Omni-channel, discuss each of those evolution stage. Then we took the first reveal to define where each of the two hospital present slot.

Development approach:

Then on this part we had a very tactical discussion and tips how we should be considered on develop our own right approach. The key line is here

There is no BEST approach, but we need to find our right approach for our own organization.

On this part, we discussed in detail different key parts which needs to considered to hunt down our organization's right approach. The things which worked for others does not mean that that will be working for us as well.

Hands on Strategy Session:

On this part each of hospital management team were given 30 mins to develop their strategy for patient engagement based on all the things I tried them during the workshop. Then each of hospital team were given 10 mins to present back the solution to get feedback from other hospital team and also from myself (John Masud Parvez). Then based on the performance and the their stratigy design I gave awards and gifts to the top performers. End of the workshop the key thing is

End of the workshop each of the hospital team got a draft strategy for their patient management for their hospital. And now they go back and keep optimizing that draft plan to final plan by working with other cross functional team.

I really enjoyed to share about Engagement APPROACH and SUSTAINABILITY planning to my workshop participants.


John Masud parvez

Founder and President of VSHR

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