How to generate leads when you have little to no traffic?

If you own a website that generates dozens of visitors every month, it can substantially lead to your sales. But if your site has little to no traffic, it's not that desperate with lead generation. When you are starting off a new business website, it's quite tough to get traffic since most of the time, just creating content within your site won't get traffic. You need to make sure that every page of your site is accessible and indexable by search engines as well as optimized for SEO. But even you implement SEO, it will take months to years for top ranking and significant traffic. You can try some strategies below to gain more leads with little traffic.

1. Paid social and search advertising

Apparently, paid marketing is one of the fastest ways to grow your business since organic marketing does work, but it will take time. A core component of any digital marketing aimed to quickly generate leads paid search marketing (SEM) helps you get instant results, kick start campaigns, and build rapid critical mass, even targeting prospects in foreign countries. But you need to be aware that your paid social and search advertising is carefully managed and expertly strategies, unless you will quickly burn through the company's budget. That is why it's essential to choose an agency that understands your company's proposition and objectives, as well as your market and prospects.

2. Create lead magnets and promote them

You are starting off your companies and have a tight budget for promotion; then, you can try lead magnet to promote brand awareness. It will be paid off in the long run if you implement it strategically. A lead magnet is a marketing term that refers to a free item or service given away to collect contact details. By creating solid content by targeting key messages and building a qualified email list simultaneously, you can start your email marketing campaigns, building trust, and get intimately with your potential customers. And what ends up in your email marketing, you can give more as much value as you can, position your brand and generate sales. Additionally, you can promote lead magnets in a few ways by Google AdWords, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads.

3. Free social media platform

Digital marketing gives us many free platforms to generate traffic, such as Facebook, IG, YouTube. But there is much more than placing your links there to generate lead or traffic; you need to be patient and put effort into posting your ads' content, grow an account targeting the right audience with clear messages. A creative campaign run in your organic social media platform is also a great way to turn your observers into leads. People will discover your brand quicker than a choice giveaway or interesting competition. You can utilize social media to take the temperature of your customer on positive or even negative impression of the products and services. For B2B, social media is a helpful tool to set up your credentials with a well content, a clear message, and a genuinely useful insight post. Your industry's social media represent who you are and what you are selling, which position your brand that clients can trust.

4. Use strong verbs and write powerful headlines to attract attention.

Digital transformation has lead to an astonishing development of products and services, and hence people are overwhelmed with email or content marketing. So to stand out of the crowd, you need to impress your customers with great content and extremely attractive headlines. Your headline should evoke curiosity and persuade viewers to click. Most people read the headline, but only a few will click through to read the rest. So if you name your content a great headline, you will generate more leads and improve your search ranking tremendously.

Since marketing plays an essential role in both the physical and digital world, there are many effective ways to generate new leads for your business, even greater return on investment. But starting off a company can not ideally like building up your brand glamorous over a night, you can have a great plan but should do with a stepwise approach to ensure every tactic or strategy is valuable.


Neil Patell. 2020. How to generate leads when you have little to no traffic.

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