How to get into shape? How did I get into shape being an officer?

Aiming to lose weight? or planning to get into shape? Or did you drop weight and then it came back to you?

I have dropped 25 KG weight in 1 year period of time and then I am maintaining that body weight since 2015, it's been 7 years. I did not just maintain that weight but actually, I dropped another 10 KG weight during this period. So today I am around 35kg lighter!

Cause: I saw people in great shape and I was 94 KG of weight. I kind of accepted that it was not my priority and I created a thought in my mind that tattoed my mind " Getting into shape not possible for me or not required". Yes, I put my 100% focus and effort into my career during that period. Results? I was raising my weight from 80 to 94 KG of. weight And finally I realize, it's enough, I need to let these extra weights go away from me.

So this is how I have done it without any supplements or drugs or spending any additional money.

First of all, I believed, that it's possible to drop the weight I get into shape.

I set goals, that I will build my six-pack abs. I went to the gym and did a body scan, and the guy told me that "you have a big pile of fat there".

I realized the formula which is the first step I need to build a strong engine (muscles) that will brun faster my body weight fats.

I started playing badminton and tennis, I was playing 5 days per week.

I was not into alcohol, so I dropped soft drinks, sugar, and fat food into 0, yes it was just 0!

Dropping weight from 94 KG to 80 was easy, but after that it was hard, so then I started different bodyweight training for myself.

My friends were signing up for the expansive gym, and getting branding shoes. I did not! I realized that it's not about the gym or shoes! it's absolutely about me, who follows a new routine that keeps someone keeps losing weight consistently. Yes, that lifestyle I still follow.

Yes, I bought expensive rackets for badminton and tennis but after almost 1 year when I decided that I like this game and want to level up my game as well. The other reason was, my average racket was broken due to my hardcore playing so I had to buy and I bought a top-class one.

I learned about nutrition. Before I did know about it. It's still fun knowing what are those food doing to our health!

I stick to my interest to get into my shape. I was following my food routine and I was always on time. I was measuring my progress, I was scaling my body to see how my progress is every 3 weeks. Those days the body fat composition devices were new, but I still paid the fees to see how is my progress.

When I was already down to 75, then I ramped up my body exercise almost every day, and I was even doing it at lunchtime if that day I had an appointment in the evening. It was hard. Better do it in the evening :)

My colleagues and friends were amazed. How is that possible? As I had to change my cloth size 4 times during that 1 year. After 1 year I completely stopped body weight training and just maintain my new food and lifestyle habits. The result you already can see.

It's not rocket science. It's all about discipline, life style decisions, and food habits. So wanna lose weight? Be strong, and get started TODAY, Not from tomorrow!

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