How to hashtag and gain support for your social project?

Today is the second part for the Amazing Student Express!

We are glad to see the great videos submitted by the different teams. That sounds like it's going to an amazing++ contest on 2019 !

I am going to share you some tips which will help you moving forward, So let's pay attention !

HASHTAG: In term of video posting the rules are these - include the hashtag of your team, hashtag of #vietnamamazingstudent2019, and also setup the video as PUBLIC.

Sharing and social Support: One of the keys factors which helps a social project successful is - social support. How can we get that? by SHARING. That's why we setup the rules about the bonus point of the video -like/comment/view/sharing. By this most people know about your project and you will gain support from them on your project. The judge panel will consider this the video - like/comment/share/view, until 22 Feb 2019. So make your best effort for share/like/comment/views until 22nd Feb 2019.

Selected Team for First Round: By 26th Feb 2019, we will announce the list of the teams who are being selected for the first round ! So stay with us, and closer to VSHR Social hub.

One advice for you, join the VSHR social hub, and share your video there as well, to showdown your team your and projects to other member, contestant. Don't worry other will take your ideas, but when you do this it will bring you RESPECT and INFLUENCE on them! Beside that you will also get attentions from the Judges too !!

Contest in one table: Have a look to know everything you will be doing, all the support, guideline you have, in the contest on this table !

All the best. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!!!!

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