How to improve your organic search engine

Search engine optimization uses techniques to help search engines such as Google easily find the information you publish and rank it against similar websites. It applies rankings by matching the relevance of the website to the search term used. Therefore, you have to drill deep down your customer's needs to make sure that your content appeal when they search for your products or services, then you have better chances of appearing at the top.

1. Understand your online customers

Customer-centric strategies should take part in every marketing stage. For instance, you can consider how the customer's search behavior change from the buying circle:

  • Awareness: The searcher is aware of their problem but has no idea how to fix it, and they start searching for the solution using broad search terms. For example, computer crashes.

  • Consideration: The searcher understands the problem and searches for the solution that best meets their needs. The search term used will include location, some products type, or feature. For example, cheap computer repair shop in Ho Chi Minh.

  • Purchase: The customer is ready to buy and sometimes know which brand or store they will approach. Normally, they will search directly for the service providers. For example, ABC computer repair shop.

2. Use keywords on your website

You should ensure the keywords that you add to your content match with the ones used by customers. Keywords can be words or phrases, such as ''Watch" or "Galaxy Smartwatch Rose Gold" or "Where is the most reputable watch store?", it plays an essential part in SEO. You can add keywords in page title, in content, or even as the name of the image file you're using, but also avoid overusing since it can cause a negative impact on your SEO effort. Too much is not always good, so make sure your content still reads naturally.

3. Refresh your page content often

You can develop a habit of publishing content on your website weekly and constantly. You can try a variety of topics relating to every aspect of your products or services. And keep in mind that unless your content satisfies viewers' needs, if not, they won't read or be interested in it. It's important to update your web content pages regularly, maybe at least 6 months or depending on your company, to remove content that is no longer relevant. The more frequently you refresh your pages, the faster search engines discover your new content since refreshing encourage search engine often visit your website.

4. Gain links from other websites

When applying the order of ranking websites, search engines look at which websites provide links to your pages and vice versa. Links from the external website are considered as the vote of confidence in your content's accuracy, relevance, and helpfulness. And, not all links are equal. Link from reputation websites will have more weight to rank your content than other ones.

5. Include the meta description tags

The meta description tags will inform search engines and what your page is about and measure the relevance of your content to rank. The more relevant your content is, the higher it will rank.

Remember, search engines can change how they use the content (even the description to generate search results. It will be best if you check the guidance of search engines regularly to know when you need to update your content.

Reference: (2021)

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