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Finding the right people for the company is difficult, but the hardest part is how to retain and make them an integral part of the company.

Mr. Pedro Vilaça, Vice Chairman of EuroCham Vietnam shares with us what “the right person for the business” is and how to maintain a strong connection with them?

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5 Steps to invest in human resource development

Understand what human resource development is To build an effective human resource development strategy, the first thing that businesses need to do is understand what human capital is. At its simplest level, human capital is a way to quantify the economic value of a particular employee skill set.

Help employees develop the necessary skills Human resource development plans often focus primarily on improving an employee's skill sets or helping them acquire new skill sets and capabilities. This approach has practical implications for small businesses that may be new to investing in their employees.

Focus on employees with constant skills In reality, not all employees benefit equally from job-skilling opportunities. Some positions require employees to have constant skills such as operating a stationary machine or any type of repetitive work such as sorting or point of sale operations.

Invest in the best equipment and materials Investing in human resource development does not mean investing directly in employees. It also means maintaining a harmonious workplace that helps your employees be more productive at work.

Develop new ways to invest in human capital Experienced HR professionals are the best equipped to assess not only what your employees need most, but also prioritize the investments your company needs to make in its workforce.


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