How to keep your company culture alive while working remotely?

One of the most frequently asked questions for you as a CEO or a business leader these days is “how do you engage with your team while they are working from home?”.

This week, we would like to share with you some creative ideas on creating a great people's experience that can keep your team highly engaged.

1. Organize get-together virtual meetings for the team to gather online and encourage people to maintain social contact. For example, one team can host their Coffee Time on Wednesday afternoons, where they catch up on all the missed office talk with a cup of their favorite drink in their hands.

2. Run a monthly survey for a pulse check with your employees, to show that we care about how they feel. It can be as simple as these questions:

- How did you feel at work this month (Rating 1-6)

- My work has a positive impact on company’s goal (Rating 1-6)

- I have opportunities to learn and develop my skills (Rating 1-6)

- How satisfied are you with “work from home” experience (Rating 1-6)

3. Send out internal newsletters to keep everyone updated. We have tools such as Canva for designing nice photos, or Mail Chimp for publishing internal newsletter. Those are magical tools for enhancing your internal corporate communication.

4. Be creative when using technology tools such as Slack for boosting communication. For example, you can have different separated channels for creating employees experience #self_care_routine - remind your employees to take care of their mental health on a daily basis or company can also share the tips on how to maintain healthy mental state. #thankyou - this channel is for your employees to show their appreciation publicly for someone else's work and support. #customer_love - sharing appreciation or compliments from customers that makes us proud. #random - sharing funny pictures or moments or updates such as somebody's newborn baby.

5. Last but not least, managers should always communicate more than you think is needed. Constantly check in with your staffs, not just for the work but purely for sharing and advising timely, will help you keep scoring and winning their hearts

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