How to keep your team motivated?

  1. Provide your team with opportunities for professional and personal growth

Keeping your team motivated, especially amid a global pandemic, has been a top problem for employers and leaders of their teams. One of the best ways to keep your team motivated and on track is by giving them opportunities for professional and self-improvement improvements. This could be workshops, training or team-building activities. You want to help your team stay on track by providing them with opportunities to learn. This will also inevitably help your company in many ways. If your employees and taking extra hours for training and attending workshops, they will, of course, learn something. And they can apply that knowledge to their work and themselves to perform well in your team.

2. Create an inclusive, safe, supportive and open environment

Creating an inclusive, safe, open and supportive environment will help your team be motivated and help them be more productive. If your team is comfortable in their work environment, they are more likely to do the work. If they are not worried that someone will judge them, they are more likely to work without constraint to their ability. If your team feels the supportive environment, they are more likely to be productive and voice their ideas. This will eventually help the company and your team.

3. Encourage healthy communication and friendly competition.

Having a friendly competition in your team is one of the best ways to limit or lessen social loafing. If your group members feel like they have to work because other people are working or because there’s a prize at the end, it will keep them motivated to finish a task. Having healthy communication is also very important. You want your team to communicate with each other and ask questions when help is needed. A team that communicates together is more likely to be productive. If your team can communicate their needs and wants with you and each other, they are more likely to remain motivated throughout the work.


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