How to make a video in low cost which attracts a lot of viewers and get attention?

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

There are a lot of videos all over the internet. But we can easily see there are some videos which many people talk about and there are also a lot of videos which never get attention. On this articles I will give you tips how to make videos which get attention from the people and gain a lot of views and the same time making those video will be very low cost. Basically you can make an amazing video just using your phone camera! Are you ready? So let's get started!

Does HD matter?: There is a lot of people think there only very high quality video files or HD views can get a lot of high attention. Actually this is not entirely true and not even close to true. If you pay attention around you, even in fb, you will there are many viral videos which are even pretty low quality, taken by phone, poor hand shaking but still got viral. Why ? Because that video has topic and agenda which matters to the people! People are interested in that topic! So the tips is focus on the the perspective which matters to the people. Example - In Vietnam's Amazing Student contest you are working a Nutrition project. Mentioned about the surprising problems which stock people, perspective which people want to hear, then you will see a lot of people will want to see your complete video.

Add key message or question: Second point is there are many videos which does not have any key message! When you are making a video add a key message in to that video or even better you ask a strong questions to the viewers and tell them to answer them of that questions by commenting the video.

Reach by sharing: Reaching and sharing is a very important point. Target around 30 - 50 groups around facebook, and share by your whole team member your video to all those groups. Make sure your video setup as PUBLIC, so anybody can easily an see your video.

Target your audiences: Targeting the audience is another important point. So you try to share your video the viewers who are related to your topics. For example - in your video If you are talking hygiene for kids, then share your video to the people who are mom or parents. So you also target the groups where are for moms. If you video talking about Nutrition, then share your videos where there is a lot of young people and office worker, as they are interested about nutrition.

Make your video authentic: If you can make your video authentic by adding a positive purpose that will amazingly boost your videos among viewers. You can add a brief about this in your video post caption as well. Let me give you an example: You are making this video for the Vietnam's amazing student contest, so add the Vietnam's Amazing Student contest LOGO video in to the video, and include a line in the video caption, why you are participating in this contest! Bingo!

These are the top video making tips today. Soon I will back with more tips. If you have question or need suggestion, feel free to contact us!

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