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Is this hard to decide for you? Often facing indecision issues? Or are you in a situation where need to make a big decision? Then this is the post for you where I will share my own life story and how I handle that problem

What was my problem regarding making a decision? Until the age of 26, my goals were two

  1. Become a CIO and reach the top leadership role of IT in an organization

  2. Turn my passion which is research and achieve my Ph.D. degree.

Very clear goals and I was pursuing them since I was in school. Remember your decision should serve your goals.

How did I fall into that problem?

When I achieved my 2nd goal first 4 offers to enroll for my Ph.D. at the age of 23. Then I realized that I made a mistake in my goal setting. The second goal was oki years back but over time it's not right anymore, and it was more like an EGO-driven goal setting. Back then all my research work was for the Information Technology industry. And my job does not require a Ph.D. too. Research is my passion, So why don't I do a research program which can bring value outside my IT industry? That shouldn't the muct better purpose than what I set previously? Yes!

But, the biggest obstacle that the fear of losing everything by dropping out of my Ph.D. study and the cost of giving away of last years of research work which enabled me to get those offers!

How did I solve it? Well, it's all about Taking action to handle them. I realized that most of the time I was afraid about something because I did not make the actions or make a proper plan for that. So make my decision about this, these are things I did that time -

Jump to one boat: I just write one email and send out Thank you email to all 4 universities in the same morning. It was super hard, but I challenged myself. Open a new folder "Social Research Program", I did not know what to name that, so Just created that folder. That's the start!

Fear to Fuel: Yes! I was afraid to lose everything but I realize that actually, this fear is good, as long I use that as my fuel to ensure everything I stick to what I do in a disciplined manner. Without fear, I would be overconfident and may not be putting in my best effort.

Work Ethic: Back then I thought I was proud of myself as I worked hard back that time at a young age. I was having my full-time career and also research work on my own. But after I read some work ethic stories about Elon Musk, I realized, "Damm!, I can improve a lot better!" So I rebuilt my whole work ethic.

Life Style decision: Back then, I used to have a lot of friends and I was very social. I realized I need to walk away from that lifestyle and build a new lifestyle for what I wanted to achieve. Sorry, my friends, I knew it was a bit harsh for walking away at that time. I did not have any other alternatives.

Be ready to fall: I knew I can just completely fail about this. But I just take that huge risk. So I planted all those downtimes, weekends, and off hours for my building the new research program. And get more hours put dropping other hobbies like - Weekend night, playings sports - badminton, tennis, etc.

Create new Habits: I gave away tennis, and badminton, and realize I need to build new habits because when I build habits then it just happens on autopilot. It takes around 58 days of repetitive work then it turns into a habit

Productivity: It was a game changer. I realized there is so much time I can save, but awakening up early, having a very disciplined evening, using a laptop with shortcuts, browser control! Maybe I will write about this in another post.

Priority: For me, I gave priority to both my work and also my research program. Always! Every moment! I was so obsessed that I used to even say back then - I live two person's life at the same time. haha

So are you going to make big decisions example -

  • Are you thinking you could do better in another job?

  • Thinking if this is not the right career for you?

  • Or does having a desire for something as a side hustle means developing an income stream besides your present full-time job?

  • Or Trying to lose weight and get into shape?

Don't be afraid, make the right plan and take BOLD actions. Not just one day, but every day for months and years. You will surprise yourself!

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