How to make time in your busy schedule to build your passion or startup?

NO TIME! Days are full of things, right? So there was a time when often I dreamed or wished to do something but I can't do that. The issue was not having the time. "I don't have the time!"

Due to that, if I did not want to set up goals for myself or only was setting the minimum level of goals. I was that guy, thinking that way in my late teens. It was so wrong.

I had to get over it in different ways at different stages of my life. Let's pick up, back then I was working full-time at RMIT University. And I decided then want to start the VSHR, then was the biggest risk for me, and also the mental hurdle was - I don't have the time when I am working full-time in an important role at my job.

To handle that situation, I these 4 things I did to find my time, let's see if any of those can help you get out some time for your passion as well.

Identify: I identified that VSHR will be my passion and after my job, it should be the priority.

Decision: Yes, I will do that and I will find the time to make that happen. This is step is super important.

Calander cleaning: I logged everything I was doing in my calendar for two weeks. And then I crossed everything out which was not adding value to my life.

Transform Hobbies: I basically give away and bring back my time. For example, badminton, and tennis were taking me around 25 hours per week, and I could just squeeze into 4 hours of the intensive gym. 20+ hours back to my hand!

That then enables me to put all those hours to

  • Build VSHR from scratch. It was actually 1000 times harder than I thought!

  • And more importantly, spent time developing tons of skillsets needed to become a founder.

Lession learned: Founder is not a title, but is something you need to achieve.

So you got a goal and found it hard to find the time? Follow those 4 steps, and then put them to your goal. You will surprise yourself. "MAKE YOUR TIME!"

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