How to Retaining Talent During COVID19

How to hire the best people when you don't operate with the best resources? You still have to compete in the market, and for that you have to have talented employees. When it comes to top talent, less is more. Long after we got rid of the pandemic, you are looking for talent to come, participate, contribute, and stay. When determining the most important jobs to fill and the talent needed to fill those positions, you need to focus on the long term, not the short term.

Here are five key tips for attracting and retaining talent in the challenges of the pandemic:

1. Meet your "Avatar" candidates:

Use all of the following A-H factors as a guide (Attitude, Brains, Character, Drive, Emotional Intelligence, Fit, Gut, and Heart) to be very clear about who and what you want and need. Decide how to best describe your position to the candidates you want to attract.

2. Maximize your reputation as an employer:

Even during the pandemic, of course, after the pandemic, the best talent will look for the best employers. Evaluate your brand's evaluation of you. If future employees reviewed your mission statement, vision statement, and values, what impression might they have? Ask yourself: Why are top talents willing to work for you?

3. Tell me honestly how you handled the pandemic:

The best people want to provide safety, flexibility, growth and opportunities for themselves and their families. Check directly with your candidates how the pandemic affects your business, what guarantees you can provide and what opportunities you might have in the future.

4. These are relationships, not transactions:

Especially when we find ourselves using virtual platforms to search, interpersonal relationships have never been more important to attract the best talent. Creating a positive impression and relationship begins with posting a job and continues through job opportunities and onboarding. You try to establish long-term, productive relationships with people who invest in your organization. Bring creativity to your virtual search, create a warm atmosphere, and show how much you value the interviewer.

5. Use all channels to "sell" your company to the best talent:

Utilize online job fairs, use digital and social media to explore personal and professional relationships and networks at the local, regional and national levels. Consider your recruiting efforts, and then make sure you get the most out of all your channels and expose them to the most talented potential employees.

We all long for our "old normal", which will not happen soon, if it will. Those who adapt, adjust, have flexibility and creativity will be much more successful than those who cannot or won't. Some jobs will disappear forever, some companies and organizations will go bankrupt, and others will prosper. However, if you consider possible situations and prioritize proper recruitment, your chances of survival and prosperity will increase.


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