How to set up goals properly to gain the right result in life?

Do you have a goal? or are you working on a Goal?

When You Have a GOAL

It's good to have a goal and mostly many wise people always tell you to set your goal or set that high. Yes, those are all important but be very careful when you put your passion into your goal. Because the end of the day world maybe does not need what you do with the passion. So let's be very careful about your PASSION word. We all heard a lot about Steve Jobs telling us about passion, but look at his passion what he created with his passion is giving value to the world. So ask yourself, how much value is your passion for giving value to this world?

Secondly, don't make your life a painful measure due to goal setting, because your goals succeed or fail do not matter, because you will always need to set another goal. So when are you becoming happy? So don't set yourself to suffering for your goals. Why? Because all you have every day is TODAY. So keeping things for the future is not going to get you a life.

When you don't have a GOAL:

Then you become a person who is a pack of discipline, lose track of your life, and end up creating a lot of bad habits. You also create a friend circle who also inspires bad habits, and attitudes, and cultivate a big blind spot inside your head when always do not allow yourself to realize, what are you doing with your time, life, and loved on. Did it scare you?

So how can we handle that challenge?

The key takeaway is to build a life with good discipline and create more mico attainable goals, which could lead you to bigger goals. But never be afraid to smile, do things with positive intention, and love family, lovers, and others genuinely. "Thao Mai" may bring you some FUN in short term but in the longer term you will end off with a lot of situations full of unhappiness.

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