How to start becoming successful ? The first spark !

You are the top 5% of your class or outstanding professional, you are cool? And you think you are already good enough, great! then let's pass this article to among your friend who are not among that 5% or outstanding zone. Or even you are on 5% and you want to be better, then send to your friends and also keep reading too.

It was the 4th week of April 2019, I was seating on the airport and waiting for my boarding. That time I suddenly remember that in next 3 weeks of time I have a speech at the aviation academy of Ho Chi Minh and the topics is about inspiration and career success. the airport triggered the aviation academy in my brain that time. I utilized that waiting period of time thinking about that speech.

Recently I did a check up on google statistics and I found a large amount of people made a search like - how many % people are stupid? and another was "people are stupid or world is hard?" etc.

This week I was having a conversation with an university student. Our short conversation's topic was - scholarship and career development. She just told me that there is no way she is good enough to get a scholarship.

That is my first point -

who did tell you that you are not good enough ?

Your grade saying that? then my question back to you who become very successful only because of a high grade?

Your relatives, friend said that? How they do know you rather then you know yourself ?

I am will tell you a quick start step by step guideline which will make you ready to execute those right after you finish the article. You got to promise yourself. Promise DONE? Yes, So let's start !

First step?

Just forget everything what people told you about who you are

Here is the point first of all before we come to a conclusion about ourselves we should have a very deep, careful self estimation about ourselves. This estimation should clearly show what we are good at, and what we are not good at.

Second step?

Invest on the right things. Invest on things which actually makes you better, not just make you look better. Here INVEST means actually not money. When you are young money is not your biggest investment. So what is the biggest investment. The answer is TIME. Question may jump in - Really? Yes really ! When you grow 35+ the most thing you will always regret about

Oh I wish I would have more time !


Oh I wish I would learn that thing before !

Actually even the most successful people even does that too. Why? because anything can be better, anything can be more smarter way to utilized, managed etc.

Many people actually say that -

When you are young keep making mistakes, and stand up again.

Actually there is a catch inside it, young people listen those lines and actually just focus that part part of the whole sentence "when you are young keep making mistakes". And young people keep focusing making mistakes. But majority lost the focus that 2nd part of the whole sense which is the main part which actually means -

Keep learning from those mistakes.

So when you are young you have the energy, time and also opportunity maximize those by investing your as much as possible TIME, to your key things.

Young people often buy great brands and make them look expansive. Here is the point those brand example a brand t-shirt make you look precious but actually you are not precious. How can you make yourself precious ?

You just do two things then

Invest your time to learn - develop a behavior, attitude, vision and perspective about life, family, community, career, country and the world.

Invest your time to learn knowledge, as much as you can. Anything which you see has knowledge read, put in your brain, analyze that and find answer of question - why, how and what. Don't cram those, because if you do so you will just do your memory exercise.

You can never beat a computer in memory exercise. But computer can never beat you in analyzing and decision making with your trained - HEART and BRAIN.

Because computer just has a trained brain. So brain your analyze an decision making skills though training your heart and brain.

Alright, I would like to stop here, but it's your time to start now the STEP ONE, what you promised earlier this article. So

Start !

Try to complete this step asap, so you can start the step 2 immediately.

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