How to stop quitting and making life with success by John Masud Parvez?

There is a very deadly virus going on among a large young & early mid-aged generation, but that is not the ncov19 virus. This virus is called the "I QUIT" Virus. That's why I decided to share some reasons, why I never QUIT. If you can use any of them, I believe will be able to defeat that virus.

1. It takes many iterations for one success: If you just think you are a Newton or Ernestine (which you could be in a mobile game) but in real life, you need to understand this truth.

2. Instant success is a myth: There is no shortcut or hack to success. Whoever tells you they got a hack or shortcut, that is a lie. So stop looking for shortcuts and hacks, then just put your everything to work. Yes, you can take a course or get a mentor, to learn faster by leveraging their experience and knowledge. That's is the only way.

3. Quitting burns your self-esteem and honor: When you quit then the first person is ashamed of yourself is YOU. Yes, you can lie to yourself and try to believe in your lies but that's the fact. I am not going to mention the people who are around you.

4. You don't need to rob others' success: Success is abundance. So when you see you are not making good progress, focus more on practice and personal development. You will hit your goals.

5. Tenacity matters more than talent: You don't need a Harvard degree or a super hardcore score to become successful. To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. For me, I prefer the ignore the 'fear of failure'.

6. Your past does not determine your future: Were you successful? use that as your encouragement, Were you failed? Use that as a lesson. That's it! When starting something, go all in, every day and never forget to improve your spikes.

Think about in last 1 year time, how many things did you start something but give up. Now just think if just half of them would go to success already, how would be your life now? Image it. Use that as your fuel for your next punches. Cheers!!

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