How to track your career skill development progress by VSHR pro-Academy’s Skill Map assessment?

VSHR has created the Future Leadership Program to provide you with a next-level leadership job that is linked with your career path and mentors you while also allowing you to develop and execute those skills in real-life projects in order to prepare for the next step in your career. To prepare for your next professional goal, you will gain practical job experience, master sessions, and performance evaluation/feedback.

As previously stated, the "People Development Scholarship Program" is all about gaining practical experience in future job roles through hands-on learning. Your present skills will be benchmarked at the start of the program, and you will then be assigned to that role on real-life projects/teams throughout the program. After that, you'll get a skill development roadmap to help you get to your next job.

  • Leadership

  • Culture Development and Sustain

  • Talent Attraction for Team Setup

  • Technology Driver

  • Problem Solving

  • Project Management

  • External Engagement Power

To be able to build your inner qualities, we will focus on the seven categories listed above. We will focus on the strongest talent attraction, as shown in the example graph in the chart, so that one may recruit more talent.

The second area on which we concentrate is project management. Effective project management saves time, effort, and allows for fair resource allocation. The third aspect that we cultivate in order to be able to manage a larger and more complex workforce in higher positions is leadership.

In addition to the team and individual growth, company culture development is becoming increasingly crucial so that employees may clearly comprehend the value of the firm as well as the value of the work they contribute. It's also a component of the company's expansion.

The next driver is technology, which, with the advent of the 4.0 era, plays a significant part in making job operations easier and easier, as well as assisting us in understanding market trends as a manager of employees.

Finally, one of a senior manager's most important competencies is issue resolution. The capacity to deal with unexpected and sudden challenges in a flexible manner aids you in being more adaptable and assertive


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