How to use social media to market a life science organization?

Social media plays a paramount role in positioning your brand in a rising competitive market, especially if you target a life science organization. Some people are misleading that social media is predominant for the Z generation, but ages generally vary between different kinds of social media. Therefore, looking for which channels your customers use the most will help you effectively reach your life sciences audiences. Here are some tips for you to use these channels better:

1. Social media content planning

Having a strategic social media plan is essential to achieve a successful marketing campaign since you can keep track of the information and key messages delivered to your audiences and then analyze what type of content they care about.

2. Great and purposeful content

The more helpful your content is, the more likely you engage with target audiences. It's important to know that your content needs to be consistent with the other marketing strategy. The key message must be clear, concise, and simple to build a professional and quality brand image when appealing to likely consumers. As long as your content is valuable and informative, you can be creative with various content forms, ranging from video, graphics, and how-to guides.

3. Track competitors

Knowing yourself and your opponents helps you avoid being arrogant and keep moving forwards. Learn from the competitors how they're getting up to social media success and customize a social media plan specific for your firm. Doing this can ensure that each action step is acknowledged and better or counter to fight for every challenging market share.

What kind of content should be posted on social media?

There are many kinds of content that can help you execute on social media, but this suggested proportion will help you distribute your content more effectively. The most priority is engaging content, which counts for at least 40% of your plan. This kind of content will help you catch the attention of audiences from customer acquisition to retention. You can look at some examples like quotes, leadership content, quizzes.

Secondly, promotion content may take up 30% to promote your company through calls to action messages. Keep your customers updated about what you are selling, give them some special offers, discounts or inform company news. And, don't overdo it; you should be just as subtle as you can unless your company will look cheap with intense promotion to customers.

The important one is educational content, taking up at least 20% of your content marketing plan. As you work in a specialty life science industry, you may want to be a thought leader and build trustworthy relationships with potential customers. This type of content can be written in the form of lists, infographics, or statistics.

The last one is curated content, which needs to be original and brand-specific. Because this kind of content will take some effort and time to create by yourself, it's unique and has not been seen before, so that you can spend only a small percentage. Curated content will be worth it when customers begin to engage with your firm; it helps to position and identify your brand with others.


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