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VIETNAM’S AMAZING STUDENT 2020 - Social Impact Project Development Contest

What is Social Impact Project Development contest means?

Almost all the contest in Vietnam requires student team to submit a prebuild project to enter the contest. In Vietnam’s Amazing we highly recommend you to apply the contest when you DON'T have a project yet ! All you need to pick up any problem around your location. And then during first round your team will work with the mentor (VNAS organizers will provide you) you will do these

  • Week 1: You will interview the people on that location. We recommend you pick a location which is small (example - One classroom of your school, street next to your home/school), about that problem and collect their feedback.

  • Week 2: You analyze those input from those people, and design a small mini solution, which you can easily execute.

  • Week 3: You executive your solution on that mini area.

  • Week 4: You measure the result of your solution by assessing before and after on that small location.

Did you notice, what is happening here?

This is how you -

  • Turn a problem to a problem to an idea,

  • and then you turn that idea to your project.

And we want you to continue implementing that idea to more locations and if you do that, soon you become an expert on your solution. And then other people will HIRE to solve their problem by your solution! And then your project turn in to your own STARTUP / Social Enterprise, and you become a TRUE ENTREPRENEUR / SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR !!! This is how we empower you !! That's why we say this

All contest finish with a finale. But Vietnam's Amazing Student contest start the contestant's impactful life and success journey life right after the finale !!

Do you have any further queries related to the contest?

Inbox us in our Vietnam’s Amazing Student Fb page

Or post your question in VSHR Social Hub fb page, we organizers will help you

Still looking for your teammates? Post about yourself a bit and you are looking for member, in VSHR Social hub fb page, surely there are someone waiting for you there to join your team!

Thank you for reading my post, looking forward to your performance at the contest! So what are you waiting for? Register now of VNAS 2020 !! Registration Deadline is 10 Feb 2020.

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