How VSHR use Deep Tech approaches for solving social problems?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

I was attending the first formal deep tech ecosystem meeting of Vietnam on last 18th July 2019. I was seeing all those passionate entrepreneurs talk on the deep tech and how much they see the future of this technologies. There were a big part was around the block chain though.

It's very interesting to see a lot of ENTREPRENEUR are working on DEEP TECH and creating a product to sell to customer. I don't judge that, but I understand them that's why I also respect their purpose and, also know why they really want to push this forward. However for me deep tech is not about block chain for using and creating currencies, but block chain to solve major problems in cost effective ways.

For my stories is very different to that about - how I ended up with deep techs?

on 2016, after doing the 4 years research on health eco system, we had a long list of problems to solve. I always believed - COMMUNITY FIRST. So those problems can be only taken care as a non profit approach.

Then we faced another person, which is the existing two non profits model (NGO and SE) already struggling to create a sustainable impacts in Vietnam. So we were looking to create a new Non profit model which needed some extra ordinary tech empowerment to make the model successful, that's how we implemented the deep tech (A, C, D and testing B).

We call our NPO model is - Social Revolution. And that's how we use deep techs to solve social problems. Again why? I told you - Community first !

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