How we can reinvent the value based health care though digitized patient engagement?

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

In developing countries the patients are always coming? Even there are little space left or even no space left but the patients are still coming. So the critics often raise this up -

why do we need really need to engage the patients? It just bring more Operation cost or even add capx cost for implementing as well!

I was speaking on Patient Experience Asia 2019, which was organized in Singapore. For me patient engagement is not only for patient or customer benefit only but also it mainly bring the benefit to us who are the healthcare service provider. So I would like to put this way -

This engagement, this is a shared valued for us, care provider and our patients.

Now this is a new and kind of popular trend among many private healthcare providers which they call - Value based healthcare model! But the way they are putting the cost model that is simply becoming a space for the rich people. But the way I believe this -

Healthcare is for everyone. This value based care should be reinvented, remodeled in a way so our CAPX and OPX can enable us to provide this value based care model for everyone. It's our mission as we are the care provider, subject matter expert etc.

Like I mentioned, I believe, Patient engagement is a shared value between patients and care providing organizations. Because patient engagement can empower us by providing rich amount of data, can give us different new dimensions on understanding our constant evolving patients etc. Beside the technology is reinventing itself everyday. So this can be one of the pillars which can enable us to that mission.

During my speech I gave a digital patient engagement strategy planning which has the high tech and high touch both. I also mentioned what are they key factors they should focus while designing such strategy for their own organization. And now all the participants are back to do their homework to start their reinvention. Now -

I am waiting to seeing you all on 2020 and see your progress on your mission.

Now you may think or even ask, what did I get by sharing, helping those to audiences? My answer will be,

During this Asian Summit at Singapore, there were many things I got, claps, compliments, new friends but the most touching things was for me, when after my speech one CMO ( Chief Medical Officer) came to my table, and gave me a HUG and said, - Thank you for SHARING your ideas, approaches.
I will remember that for long time...

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