How will you feel during the GUP Interview session as candidate or applicant?

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From 23rd - 25th May, we interviewed around 25 candidates for RASE Scholarship Program. On 28th May and 30th May we will have the last batch interview for the RASE Scholarship Season 2020 !!!

There is a common hypothesis that every scholarship will be there someone who is significantly rule, hard, and a bit angry or treat with with a lot of criticize.

Our GUP interview, selection, enrollment, workshop and graduation event step is full of a lot of care, passion and love. Our designed process never put any candidate or application in difficult situation. Those are all aligned with our VSHR culture. Let's see one the emails which was sent back to us after having an interview with our team.

Dear Mr. John

Thank you for spending time interviewing me. I really appreciate that. At first, I was very nervous, but with your kindness and friendly, the whole interview became so fun with me

Your sincerely,


So you can see there is noting to be nervious all is there for you. Every interview invitation letter we have all the tips for you. If you just follow those tips, you will do remarkably well in the interview process.

And here is our response email

Dear Quyen

Thanks for your amazing email. It inspired us to put our more effort into helping more people. Yes, our VSHR culture is full with passion, care, help and love.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. 

And how about yourself? Did you apply for GUP Scholarship? CHECK THE EMAIL NOW and CONFIRM your interview appointment !!!! All instruction and details we have sent to your email !!!

Looking forward to seeing you on the interview session !!! *** Chương trình Genius Upskill Program 2020 🌱 Deadline: 20/05/2020 23:59:00 GMT+7 🌱 Interview and Selection: In Progress ! 🌱 Link đăng ký tham dự khóa học: 🌱 Thể lệ chương trình: 🌱 Youtube Channel: ⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱ Để biết thêm thông tin chi tiết về từng khóa học, vui lòng xem tại: 🔍 Website: 🔍 Fanpage: ----------------------- #GUP2020 #GeniusUpskillProgram

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