How you can boost your sales team? I story to share with you

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

I received a message from a mentee yesterday that really bothered me.

My mentee is fairly young in sales industry (about couple of years experience) and started a new role in a completely new industry 30 days ago.

The company did not do any training on sales for him and just provided him some links to read though about the product. But the main and regular push was - Just a charge to ‘go get new clients’.

His boss called him in early morning to tell him he has till the end of the month to improve and that he isn’t worth the money he is paying him.

Then the first thing came to my mind is this

What's wrong with you, Boss ! Why you are not learning?

This is 2020 already, and there are already basics mistakes,

And if you are still not focus in talent development, and just thinking about talent acquisition. You are keep bleeding your company's fortune.

No one should ever be told they aren’t ‘worth’ something. I’m all about accountability, result but not putting others down. Leaders do not do this.

TEACH, don’t TELL. Most people need training, especially in sales. Do not just TELL someone to go out and accomplish something. TEACH them how to accomplish it. I know you worried about this - we spend to train them, and they are going to get another job. So why should I?

You should train then so they can add value even the days they stay with you. Build a culture in the company and pay right.
I bate they will not just go away. So will may, but most stay, because that is human nature!

Leaders show the way. Communicate expectations clearly. How can a person live up to your expectations if they never know what those are?

The high-pressure, ‘you’re fired’ if you do not perform, needs to go. Figure out the ‘WHY’ behind your people not performing the way you expect. Then train them, work with them, and lead them to success. If you are in Sales Management, and this is your style... change or get out. Make way for the new generation of Sales Leaders, or you will have serious issue for your own career in near future.

So yes, let's develop the right mindset for your own good as well.
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