How you can protect yourself from online infamous and fake gurus

Updated: May 31, 2020

First I would like to make it very clear - I AM NOT AGAINST ONLINE COURSES. Being a CIO I clearly know how powerful, useful, cost effective to bring the education for mass population. I also did the digital transformation initiative for RMIT university.

But in last few years the things went really wrong ! A group of self called gurus, becoming millionaires (at least the way they show off) by maximum utilization of digital marketing techniques to actually take the money out of the people who really in need of money, and push them forward to more bigger problem financially.

Some people go $50,000 in debt on nothing but broken promises and shattered dreams of making millions of dollars. But how exactly do these gurus become like this in the first place?

So disingenuous they would sell you anything, even if it destroyed your life financially.

Where do fake gurus come from?

Well this one will show you on this video. You've seen them everywhere !! And at May 2020, when a lot of people are being forced to stay at home or lost their jobs, those gurus are bringing up their so called online



courses almost every time we load the facebook home page or youtube videos ! They are simply capitalizing the financial insecurity of people. Sales technique is - SELLING A DREAM !

Unfortunately most of them are not giving the

  • SKILL,


which people needed, Why? Because almost of all of those gurus don't not even have any of those skills or a successful career ! Almost all of them were

  • broke,

  • drug addict,

  • uneducated,

  • convicted,

  • wrong parenting family etc.

So what are their tricks? On the 3rd of September 2015, Tai Lopez released his infamous ‘Here in My Garage’ Youtube Ad! This single Ad created a wave of what some have described as fake gurus, selling you their courses and mastermind programs like no tomorrow with promises of ‘financial freedom’, ‘a laptop lifestyle’, and the possibility to ‘travel around the world’.

Sounds great, right? In this video I break down the business model of how to make millions from online courses using the methods that these fake gurus use, and expose the dark truth behind this rapidly growing industry. let's watch this video, and stay safe.

So whenever your buying a online course first pay very close attention to few key points about that course. They key points to check as following

Content of the course: Ask and get the details of the content of the course. Assess that what they are telling in their promotional are actually they are teaching on the course. Check also duration of the course and also what kind of direct interaction will you have with the mentor during the program.

Background of the Trainer: Have a closer look at the background of the trainer before you sign off. Particularly pay attention what was that trainer's life before starting these educational programs. Particularly focus on their Business, career and professional life prior to this. How much and how were their life before this program. If you see they were not successful prior, it's a RED FLAG for you. You only should be picking up a trainer who is already successful in business, career or professional life so you can learn from their those success. If they don't have any of those that bright means, they are simply blowing you off though digital media marketing.

Big Dream: Pay a close attention on their marketing campaign and content about the program. If they are saying worlds like

  • You will be come financially freedom

  • You can make 5K a month from next month

  • You can travel all over the world

  • You can quit your 9 - 5 Job

  • You can be in the beach all with all beautiful girls

  • You will get rich quick

  • You will have huge passive income in few months

  • Etc

Great ! That's a HUGE red Flag, Just run away from that trainer and every courses he or she is teaching online or even offline.

Avoid emotion: Fake gurus main target is the people who are financially insecure so they always become the pray of their huge, smart content marketing funnel. So when you are taking a program, read that program with a clear mindset that

What I am get out of this program and how it will help my life to reach to my goals, and simply keep the emotion away.

Price of the course: It's a very easy way to spot. If you seeing a online program they are selling with 400 USD, 500 USD, 1500 USD or even 2500 USD. That's easy, straight RED FLAG. Whatever content is in that, that is simply a over priced tag. Even a super program will give you some ideas, not the magic to make things for you, yourself needs to put that in to the work! Check out the program to the platform like Edx Coursera, Udemy, you can basically can get almost same content or even better content anything just understand 5 - 50 USD! Save your money, so you can use the rest of money to build your business, or find your right career !

Guru's Educational Background: Check what is their educational background, in which university did they go, the program they took, possibility academic achievement. A proper guru will have a outstanding academic record. Now you may say - Bill Gates dropped out, Mark Juckarsbrug dropped out. Yes, they did because they already started their business, which was ramping up and simply they need to spend on their time to their business. Plus, none of them are online course selling guru, they all build up big business. And lastly,- Gates, mark zuckerberg they are all exceptions, and exception is not an example !

Guru's view about the Educational institutions: If any guru keep speaking the educational institutes are really bad, even the top universities are really bad. That's a red flag. You got the understand - They are most likely saying because they could never make to even an university due to their poor educational career, or even caliber.

Instagram, youtube or facebook follower: Never ever think a guru is great because got millions of followers. They got such numbers of followers, simply because of their digital marketing. Remember the key motto - When you are taking a course, you are there to learn a skill which will make you better in life. Not to see their number of followers.

So now you know how you can spot a fake gurus and their courses. If you see someone like that. Just simply avoid, save your time, money and energy. So you can use them to achieve your life goals. All the bests.


John Masud Parvez

Founder & President of VSHR

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