How your English level represents about yourself?

English! Is this just another language? No, It's not just a language. There are thousands of language all over the world but this English is special because this is a the key channel of global communication.

When someone talking to you and you answered -

"I am not good at English."

Or telling,

"Oh I don't want to read in English."

What does it means to people now? Those words how represents to you? This is 2019, and if you are still saying that you are not interested learn or read in English that actually showing that

  • You are not willing to learn,

  • or you can be seen as a person who are a lazy as well,

  • or you are the person who is spending times for something else where you have an important skills to gain which is 'ENGLISH'.

  • or you don't have a career development plan for yourself

So let's stop giving that negative impression to others about yourself. Lean and practice English with us through social development at VSHR. To know more, please visit

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