I am not trying to be 'Cool' or 'gaining fame'. I do because it makes me 'HAPPY'!

Recently I am facing a large number of people with a different/strange sort of thinking. I don't judge their thinking but I understand it, so I also realize many of them actually care about me. Let's start those thinking -

One group of people thinking - Currently I am out of my job, so setting up a startup that's why I care with social development, they why I have time for social development. Another group of people thinking - I had recently big disaster in my life / love / family so to recover from the mental trauma I am doing social development. So I often receive call or text from the people say

Hay are you oki? are you COOL?

Now I will tell you another group, this is the majority of the people who know a bit more about myself and my career. So they know that very clearly that I make a constantly major efforts to perform the digital transformation. I did that for RMIT University and I am doing it for another major medical corporation in CIO/GITD role. So they often ask me this

You are doing such a heavy and busy job, why are you still doing such a huge social development work? It does not bring you any benefit, any tangible benefits! Only care about fame?

For them I will say -

I really appreciate your care about me. But you misunderstood why I do care much in social development. To understand this you need to look at my personal core values. Have a look here

The bottom line is -

I am not trying to be COOL, I am not trying to gain fame.
I love doing social development, because helping people makes me HAPPY. That's why it does not matter how busy I am for my career, job, family, but I always take out my time for helping people, solving their problems in sustainable manner.
Every weekend I come to VSHR office, beacuse it's the mission to make Vietnam successful on SDG 3 (Health), 4(Education) and 17 (partnership for goals).


John Masud parvez

Social Innovator

Founder and President of Vietnam Social Health Revolution

CIO / Digital Transformation Specialist


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